• What is an Affiliate Program?
    An Affiliate Program is a partnership with a merchant who pays you a percentage of the revenues generated by players that you introduce to them. An Affiliate Program is an easy way to generate extra income from your Web site's traffic.
  • What brands does Ace Revenue represent and how do I go about joining the Ace Revenue Affiliate Program?
    The Ace Revenue Affiliate Program represents Captain Jack, Planet 7 Casino, Silver Oak Casino, and Royal Ace Casino. After completing the registration we will provide you with a username and password.

    You can then go to https://www.acerevenue.com and use your username and password to log in.

    Upon logging in, you can view Real Time statistics and earnings, peruse our Marketing Tools section for the perfect marketing strategy or contact a Personal Account Manager to help make sure you get the best out of the Ace Revenue experience.
  • Can I promote all your casinos or just one?
    You can promote as many brands as we have; new brands will soon be added so you can expand your potential to maximize your earnings and conversions.
  • Will it cost anything to join your program?
    It's absolutely free to join! The main mission of Ace Revenue is to help great Web sites partner up with our great casino brands to create a relationship that benefits both.


  • How do I receive my money? What are your payment methods?
    To receive the commission for your efforts, you must choose a payment method. Presently we offer Neteller, Checks, Casino Account and Bank Wires as options. You may also open a casino account where we can deposit your payment.
  • When is my commission paid out?
    We begin processing all affiliate commissions by the 15th working day of the following month, which is around the 21st-23rd of the following month. It can take up to 2 weeks from that point to receive your money based on the method you’ve chosen.
  • Do I have to earn a certain amount before you can process my payment?
    There are exceptions depending upon the selected payment method. Contact your Affiliate Manager for further details.


  • How do I link a player to me?
    A player is linked to you when you have referred them to the casinos using a referral link that can be found either by visiting the Marketing Tools section, or in the signup mail sent to you at registration. The visitor clicks on the unique URL (banner, text link, email message, etc.) and Ace Revenue is able to track the visitor and give credit to the affiliate for the player referred.
  • What is the Ace Revenue Affiliate Platform?
    We use Real Time Gaming (RTG) Software, one of the most reliable gaming programs available on the market. For further information about our platform please visit www.realtimegaming.com


  • What kind of commission deals does Ace Revenue offer?
    The Ace Revenue Affiliate Program offers a Rev Share commission structure that ranges from 30% up to 45%. We also offer CPA, subject to approval.
  • Can I see an example of a Rev Share payment?
    OK, let's say you bring in a player and he spends $1000 in any of our casinos and our basic Rev Share starts at 30%. Those losses mean $300 for you in commissions for that month and you will get that commission for the lifetime of this player.
  • How can I see how much is owed to me?
    To see a daily update of your income, log in to your account and check the Live Stats section.
  • For how long will I be paid for a player?
    We offer lifetime income, meaning that once you have submitted a player to us we will give you a percentage of his losses for the lifetime of said player.
  • Do you carry over negative balances?
    No, we never carry over negative balances. You will start from scratch every month.
  • What is bundling and how does it affect me?
    Bundling takes the negative balance penalty to the next level. Let’s say you represent multiple brands within a program, and one month is bad for one of those brands. In a program that applies a bundling policy, you will be penalized for that negative brand by having accounts with positive balances reduced to cover the loss of the negative brand.
    We do not bundle. We don’t think it is fair. In our program, a negative balance is never carried over at month’s end to that, or any other, account. Every month is a fresh start.
  • Do you offer webmaster referrals? What is the rate for those tiers?
    Ace Revenue Affiliate Program offers a 3 tiered referral program. For every webmaster you refer to the program you receive 5%, 3% and 1% of the earnings they make, respectively.


  • How often are report statistics updated?
    The statistics for impressions, clicks and downloads are presented in real time.
  • Where can I see my statistics?
    Once you have created your account and log in, you will find your reports and stats in the dashboard.


  • How do I retrieve my password?
    You can use our "recover your password" feature at anytime.

    If you need further assistance with this, contact us at affiliates@acerevenue.com
  • Who should I contact for support?
    You can contact us at any time; we are always available for you. For more information, click here.