Our No Spam Policy

The Ace Revenue Affiliate Program requires all of its Affiliates to agree to and abide by its Anti-Spam policy.

How it Works:

Spam is defined as any unsolicited bulk email message. Preventing and dealing with the issues associated with spamming by our Affiliates is a top priority. The Ace Revenue Affiliate Program does not tolerate spam. Each Affiliate agrees to our anti-spam policy; all Affiliates guilty of this breach of the Terms and Conditions will be removed from the program, and will have their account closed and their revenues withheld.

Spamming is an unproductive and damaging exercise that hurts the industry’s reputation and alienates players. If we discover that an Affiliate has engaged in the spread of material resulting in such expenses, we will extract these expenses from the offending party’s account balance. If the account balance is inadequate to cover the total expenses, Ace Revenue reserves the right, but is not limited to, withholding scheduled payments until the complete recovery of the expenses, invoicing the offending party for the balance of the expenses, or pursuing other means of obtaining payment including, but not limited to, filing a claim against the offending party for any outstanding amount.

Please contact us should you have a spam-related incident to report. We will contact the offending person and immediately end the spam. Please report any Spam incidences by contacting us.